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December 28, 2011 · 8:35 am

DIY Newsprint Manicure

I’ll admit whole-heartedly to being a Christmas fanatic. While some would rather cut off their ear, Van Gogh style, than hear another rendition of Jingle Bells, I eagerly await the first appropriate day I can blast the holiday tunes.

I also love shopping for people’s Christmas presents. I write cards for hours, attempt to personalize each gift and essentially bankrupt myself just in time for the new semester.

This Christmas is different than most, though. This is the first Christmas that I can barely afford to venture to the mall, let alone indulge in the guilty Christmas pleasures that I normally do. In hindsight, paying for a manicure (no matter how lovely it is), is something I can easily strike off my to-do list.

So, in the spirit of saving some money over the holidays, I decided to try a fitting manicure for an aspiring journalist (and anyone, really) that a friend and I came across while ogling crafts online.

What you need: Light nail polish, Newspaper, Rubbing Alcohol, Top Coat

STEP 1: Prepare your nails for the polish. File them to the length you desire, and clean them of any remaining polish.

STEP 2: Apply a light or neutral colour to your nails. I applied three coats.

STEP 3: Cut out 10 pieces from a newspaper. Dip each nail in a bowl of rubbing alcohol, and press each square of paper to the nail.

STEP 4: Slowly remove the newspaper after about 5-10 seconds. The lettering will now be on your nails.

STEP 5: Apply a top coat to finish off your new newsy manicure!


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